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The Black Forest Highlands is the real deal

The Black Forest Highlands is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations! Why not become a Black Forest Highlands specialist with your company and open up new sales opportunities for your customers, your business and yourself.

Based on this checklist you can quickly and easily put together an attractive tour for your customers:

How do I get there?

It’s easy to travel directly to the Black Forest Highlands, by airplane, train, bus or car.

Highlights in the Black Forest

For the second time already, the Black Forest Highlands has been awarded the distinction of being the largest “especially family-friendly holiday region”.

Discovery Tours in and around the Black Forest Highlands

Hardly any other route offers such a variety of fascinating natural sceneries and impressions as the Black Forest Panorama Road does over only 70 km.

Accomodations in the Black Forest Highlands

The Black Forest has excellent tourism infrastructure; its hotels and inns in the 3-5 star category offer comfortable rooms with inviting pubs and restaurants at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Culinary Highlights

Traditional restaurants with regional products and award-winning gastronomy offer an excellent dining experience.

Culture and Tradition

Small chapels, traditional Black Forest mills, churches and cloisters as well as many other historic buildings tell of the rich cultural heritage of the Black Forest Highlands.