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The Black Forest is world famous and its highland region combines all the highlights and distinctive features of this southern German submountainous region in a compact area with everything nearby. Our region caters to every desire. Create the perfect fitting holiday experience according to your preferences. Or just let us compile a customized program for your stay in the Black Forest Highlands.


Family-friendly Holidays

As an award-winning family-friendly holiday region, the Black Forest Highlands offer the perfect holiday experience to guests young and old in any weather.

Culture and Traditions

A distinct culture of crafts and traditions developed in the Black Forest due to its remoteness in the past and long cold winters.

Unspoiled Nature

The Black Forest Highlands offer some of Germany’s most stunning and untouched scenery.

Sports and Leisure Activities

The Black Forest is a fantastic year-round destination.

Culinary Highlights

Natural slow food instead of fast food – The Black Forest now hosts one of Germany’s finest dining experiences.

The Red Inclusive Card

Say goodbye to expensive holidays – with the Red Inclusive Card.

Seasonal Highlights

For centuries and until the development of rail and roads the Black Forest Highlands was a very isolated area, therefore, traditions, ancient crafts and old Alemannic customs have been preserved here.

Fantastic Shopping Experiences

Souvenirs from the Black Forest go all over the world. The best-known example is the cuckoo clock, which is still made of wood in cottage industry.