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Seasonal Highlights

For centuries and until the development of rail and roads the Black Forest Highlands was a very isolated area, therefore, traditions, ancient crafts and old Alemannic customs have been preserved here. Almost every village has its museum, major festivals and small markets throughout most of the year.

Customs and traditions have always been important to the people in the towns and villages of the Black Forest Highlands. The best way to experience these is at the local festivities and events which come around each year. From the traditional village festivals to the romantic and picturesque Christmas markets, the Black Forest Highlands offer authentic culture to experience throughout the year. One big attraction, on the four weekends of advent, is the well known Christmas Market in the Ravenna Gorge.

Romantic Christmas Market in the Ravenna Gorge

A unique Christmas market attracts thousands of visitors each year to the rugged and picturesque Ravenna Gorge under the viaduct of the Höllentalbahn railroad. A Christmas Village of little wooden huts, lit up and decorated in a fairytale setting, will be offering its guests traditional handicrafts, gift ideas, delicacies, specialities and Christmas concerts direct from the Black Forest Highlands.

Seenacht Festival in Schluchsee

The Seenachtsfest on the first weekend in August offers culinary delights, live music and open-air disco. Take advantage of this event and experience a nice day at Schluchsee.

Night in White in Titisee

At the night in white in Titisee, a colorful program for young and old awaits you. You can enjoy various musical performances and live music.

Seenacht Festival in Titisee

Many culinary stands invite you to stroll and linger. A varied supporting program with live music, fireworks, artistic performance and children’s program ensures good entertainment.