>Discovery Tours in and around the Black Forest Highlands
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Discovery Tours in and around the Black Forest Highlands

The Black Forest is world famous and its highland region combines all the highlights and distinctive features of this southern German submountainous region in a compact area with everything nearby.

Tour 1: A Discovery Tour along the Black Forest Panorama Road

Have some breathtaking views over the Black Forest Highlands landscape as far as the Swiss Alps and the France Vosges and visit typical Black Forest Highlands villages on your panorama tour through the Black Forest Highlands.

Tour 2: Culinary Delights

The Black Foest Highlands is a culinary destination where the famous Black Forest Gateau and the Black Forest Ham taste the best.

Tour 3: Natural Highlights

Unspoiled woodland, romantic gorges, glittering lakes, high mountains and picturesque valleys wait to be discovered in the Black Forest Highlands.

Tour 4: Culture and Tradition

The Black Forest Highlands have a rich cultural heritage which waits to be discovered. Whether you are learning something about the historic craft wood carving, you are visiting a baroque pilgrimage and monastery church, or you are taking a picture at an old mill, you will feel the history of the Black Forest Highlands wherever you go.

Tour 5: A Perfect Family Adventure

As an award-winning family destination, the Black Forest Highlands have a special offer for the whole family.

Tour 6: German Clock Route

Explore the charm of shingle-roofed Black Forest farmhouses, clear trout creeks, lush mountain maedows and dark gree forests, picturesque villages and awarmly welcoming little towns along the German Clock Route.

Tour 7: The Highlights of South West Germany

The route leads you through marvelous cities and one of the most spectacular landscapes of Germany.

Tour 8: Car Country South West Germany – a Paradise for Car Lovers

A trip through the car country Germany will show you the history and development of the automobile industry.

Tour 9: Fairytale Castles, Palaces and Monasteries

Romatic palaces, historical castles and mystical ruins await you on a trip through Germanys history.